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Est 2011

We build bridges between our Clients and our collaborative team of experts to remove the inefficiencies and threats of inadequate IT and cybersecurity, thereby liberating our Clients to focus on what matters most to them — their enterprise. Basically we are covering all kind of devices. From android smartphone to contract basis business-to-business projects that would like to extend and remain our absolute services.

We are a collaborative team of highly-trained IT and Security professionals with over a millennium of combined experience providing solutions for Small and Mid-sized Enterprises.



Est 2011

Established in 2011. Started as as Sole-Proprietorship supplies for banking industries. Expanding years by years by providing solutions from multi-billionaire companies to SMEs. With such experiences and endurance,now Bootjunks is solely move as an image of licensed ICT solutions to provide such services surround Malaysia.

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International Certifications and Awards

Our team is well educated and well certified by local and most advanced technologically country. From Hokkaido to Cardiff university,to local well recognized university in Malaysia, we are well educated in advanced education to lead the team to the highest standards.

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Committed Bachelor & Bachelorette

The team itself are among the young energetic and healthy bachelors. From the founder to industrial training students we are all Bootjunks’ which synonyms in Malaysian word as Bujang. Bujang is fully committed to our tactical strategies and up to date to the recent technologies.

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The Bujangs