Bujang to You

Basically Bujang is not encouraging to be on-site to lower risk for both party. However our motto "Endless Effort" make us to be tougher and endure all the challenges given by you. That is why there are some certain relevant charges that we have to charge either for On-Site or Collection Method.
These are certain features that we are need to consider to charge for consumers

- Labour charges
- Insurance - subject and a persons responsibilities
- Bootjunk transportations durability
- Liabilities - Indemnity
- Timely manners consumption
- Others - fraud or government restriction orders.

In other words, all these credibility that bear mostly by Bootjunk will be charges but do not worry. All these accountable risk that we made in one sum of amount.
Listed down as well,the TERMS & CONDITIONS as well as AGREEMENT for us to surpass the deals.



  • All the information was provided by the clients without forceful act and in deep consciousness. By rights, the client’s signatures had read the terms and condition and agreed. All the information given is rightfully belonging to the client.

  • Any illegal content, activities or piracy act are fully responsible by the clients under Malaysian law jurisdiction. BootJunk do or did not provide any kind of services related. Any legal actions, fines taken by the government authorities shall be fully responsible by the clients.

  • Service provided must response within Fourteen (14) days after being notified. BootJunk entitled to dispose the following equipment in any necessary conditions for any liable to BootJunk operations.

  • 50% upfront payments require upon confirmation for any product or services to our management account.

BootJunk is a registered private licence trademark. Any activities involved are most likely according to standard and procedure approved by management JMaya Solutions Sdn. Bhd. Any activity involved using the trademark without management concern shall be prosecuted to the law of justice Trademark Act 1976.


OnSite Or Collect

On-Site and Collection Agreement Form