Process on How Your Device being service here

  1. • You send your device for the inspection; Bujang will check the external part for FREE using our machine.

  2. • Then, Bujang will issue a bill for you. Bujang call it as a work order.

  3. • You will receive the work order number with the red sheet of paper.

  4. • Next, Bujang will issue the upfront payment or deposit for you.

  5. • You can go home and relax until Bujang give you a call.

  6. • Our certified technician will start servicing your device.

  7. • If there is an additional service, Bujang will give you a call to confirm it and proceed with the service. The exact price of the services will be given.

  8. • Once done, you can come over to collect and pay the balance amount of services.


› Normally on our expertise, Bujang just do it on the first level of engineering.

› Bujang does not require other parties to repair your device; we repair it ourselves.

› There are second levels of engineering for those who require the industrial level technician.

› This is the best choice but the price will be higher than usual.